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Not only fresh products guarantee a perfectly prepared meal – it´s
the multitude of components such as fresh herbs and of course also the perfect cooking island.

Amberger Hof***

More than 60 years connects the family Amberger with Wamsler...

„What I like best about our oven is the easy cleaning and the excellent workmanship,...."
says Brigitte Amberger >>

Wald & Schlosshotel
Friedrichsruhe *****S

„The key points were flexibility and the hygienic design of these ovens.

For me, cleanliness in the kitchen is a top priority. This is why an oven design without hidden corners
or  recesses is vital. The hygienic design of Wamsler convinced me"so Boris Benecke  >>read more >>


„Only a happy chef who feels comfortable with his oven

can please his guests,“ says  Executive Head Chef Manfred Eigner >>read more >>

Restaurant Pfarrwirt

A Tafelspitz (boiled fillet) is a Tafelspitz, a Wiener Schnitzel is a Wiener Schnitzel
and an oven is an oven

knows the renowned chef Alois Schanner, talking about traditional Vienna dishes >>mehr >>

Restaurant Ödenturm

"Eating is a necessity, enjoying is an art, and Wamsler is the best basis“

says the Michelin awardee gastronome Ernst Hunger. >>

Restaurant Löwengrube

„...for us an oven with modular construction is the best way of
combining equipment with all individual blocks..."

... and was a significant criteria for Michael Meister >>read more >>
oder see trailer on Youtube


„Because it's just so robust and has helped me win every battle...

... Even prep-cooking for events with up to a thousand people are a pushover with this oven“,
says Robert Madzi, tenant and head chef   >>read more>>

Zenger Dorfwirt

„„Can you imagine that I already had a Wamsler griddle plate implemented
in my former oven because the Wamsler quality...

from Bavaria had already convinced me back then? But a griddle is just not a complete Wamsler oven“.

Markus Schweizer, tenant and head chef...
>>read more>>

Pecoraros kitchen studio

A Wamsler oven in the kitchen studio of a member of the Vienna Opera ensemble,
the famous chamber music singer, Herwig Pecoraro 

"After lengthy reviewing of all products offered on the market, and discussions with several cooking
professionals, my choice was clear – it must be a Wamsler oven“,
says the opera star Herwig Pecoraro. >>read more>>

Chalet Gerard****

„I'd never want to miss the excellent universal
application cooker of my Wamsler oven,

in which my specialty, the „Schlutzkrapfen“ always turns out great“, praises Helga Mussner >>read more >>

Manufaktur Suppito

Wood, fire, earth, metal and water-
every food belongs to one of these elements

For the preparation of their meals, the Suppito team chose a Wamsler oven. „Important for us
in the Element Kitchen, was to be able to cook on open flames... >>read more >>

Chalet Portillo****S

"As an ex-world champion I know only too well that only the best equipment
can let you achieve superior quality...

... and the best equipment was the renowned brand Wamsler"  underlines Carlo Senoner,
Italian ex-world champion and hotelier >>