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are the product advantages which distinguish Wamsler ovens. The plus points refer to energy efficiency as well as precise workmanship and the tranditional execution - a guarantie for the longevity of our products.

Pot detection as desired by customer

At Wamsler the sensitivity of pot detection is programmed precisely to suit your cookware - regardless of size and shape.

Flexibly programmable top performance

Wamsler offers the possibility to maintain your desired top values.  With the unique Wamslers E-Controlmangement-System your wishes can be realised.

Low maintenance & service-friendly

The sloped, ergonomically formed Wamsler control panels are protected against soiling by the drip nose. The front access to all the important components reduces service costs.

We insulate your costs

With the insulation Wamsler uses for the heating elements, the heat effectiveness increases up to 40%. The Thermoblocksystem in combination with the Wamsler insulation creates the highest possible heat emission on the heating surface.

Robust and resistant

The thickness of the Wamsler cover in the range of induction elements, including frame and glass ceramic plate amounts to 11mm stainless steel.

Flush also with gas ovens

Wamsler lays great importance on making the daily work in the kitchen as simple as possible. Wamsler offers gas units with absolute levelness to the countertop.

Fullest Hygiene to perfection

Deap-drawn base cabinets in  full hygiene with completely welded oven doors, with a load capacity of more than 100kg and the Wamsler significant base are only a few examples of a professionally conceived base construction.

Sparking idea as a Wamsler patent

The most important element in a reliable, well-functioning gas burner is an even, soil-protected ignition flame.
The unparalleled Wamsler ignition flame protector, simply protects the gas nozzle longer.

7 years full warranty on all connections

Wamsler offers 7 years full warranty on all unit connections with a solid Wamsler top. All machines i.e. Multifunctional Cooker, Induction Hobs, Deep Fat Fryers, Bratt pans and Griddles are expertly and durably implemented.

Flexibly controlled temperature ranges

Temperature-controlled cooking with four zones for a perfect cooking result, just as you'd expect when cooking soups or poaching of fish, etc. Wamslers large hobs allow the use of all types of cookware and offer highest flexibility with the separately controlled zones.

Heat emission sensibly used

The heat emission from the griddle plate is utilized in the warming attachment which is fitted on top of the splash guard. Using this,  you can let sauteéd steaks (for example) gently continue cooking to the desired level.

Clean and safe

For easier cleaning, the heating elements of the deep fat fryer can easily be tilted up with a mechanism (1) in the base, and the fat can be drained with a closed fat recovery container by pulling a lever (2). An accidental switch-on of the the heating elements in the tilted position is not possible.

Combinable well sizes

For more flexibility Wamsler also offers double-fryers with variable well sizes. The most popular combinations are 8 & 11 ltr. and 5 & 14 ltr.

Keep plates perfectly warm

The Wamsler heating pad technology in the heating cabinets with drawer guarantee an absolutely even, statical heating of plates. The flexibly installed plate dividers prevent stacks of plates from tipping over when opening the drawer.

Efficient, practical solution

The fix bratt pan is suitable for frying, stewing as well as for cooking soups and gravies. The compound floor plate of the pan is heated through a thermo-block system. The fully insulated lid is balanced in every position and turns the water inlet to the side when closing.

Gas, induction or both

Gas is the cheapest and induction  is the quickest cooking method. In order to save costs and cook more efficiently,  we suggest combining both of them. Induction to handle your “Á la carte” business in a short time, and gas if you have to heat up lots of water – this will enable you to keep your costs under control.

Store gas energy

By exchanging the gas grid for a solid-top-unit you´ll store gas energy and achieve a higher efficiency for your cooking area. Whenever you require a solid top you can easily  exchange the grid without any tools and replace it with the solid top unit.